Past Life as Queen Marie of Romania?

Below is a vivid PLR experience by a participant during our recent workshop in Penang (2 - 3 Oct 2010).

As recounted by participant: 

I “landed” in a garden. It was a plain garden. In between, there was a cemetery, with Chempaka trees that had red flowers. I went near and tried to read the tombstones, but couldn’t read it. It was English type, with 2 pieces of tombstones.

I had dark, long curly hair. I was wearing a long dark brown/purple colour skirt. It looked like kind of the 1700’s, Victorian type clothing.

I walk out of the garden. From the outside I saw a squarish kind of building. It was grey color with about 3 levels. It looked something like a castle.

I went inside. I saw my bedroom. It was made of wood, dark in colour and the bedsheet was white in colour. I went to the kitchen. I saw 2 servants…A man and a woman…They were husband and wife.

In the hall, I saw a portrait of a man, with beard. The name that came to me was Bismarck. He was wearing a bluish grey military uniform.

When you asked for my name, the name “Maarrie” comes out from my mind. It’s not (pronounced as) Marie, it’s like “Maarrie”.

Next scene: I’m sitting at a long European dining table, with a European man sitting at one end. Opposite me is a young girl, same hairstyle (as me). We ate quietly. There was a beautiful chandelier and the table we used we very high class. There were many spoons and many forks surrounding (the plates). As I ate at the table, I keep noticing that I have a blue sapphire oval shape ring, a gemstone. The ring is a very dull bronze colour and the sapphire is very attractive to me. As I keep eating, I felt like I was in a high class society. When I went out, I saw horses. I was in a carriage.

Next scene: I had grown old. I had white hair which was tied up in a bun. I was wearing a long skirt.

End of life: I’m lying on the bed. The young girl had become an adult, standing next to me at the bed. I feel like that girl is either my sister or my sister’s daughter in my current life, as she feels familiar. I don’t see the man there anymore.

Current life connection: My past life character was a disciplined woman, strict, but not fierce. In my current life, I am quite a disciplined person, I keep to the book. I felt like I was in an aristocrat society. It’s a pleasant feeling viewing my past life.


Letter from the same participant:

3 October 2010

Hi Selina,

Thank you very much for conducting the course in Penang. I would like to share something with you but it's really hard for me to believe this ‘cos I was expecting I was reborn either in India or Thailand, I like both food very very much and I am spiritual.

In my second past life regression, my name was Maarrie or Maarree (the way it was pronouced) - another name that popped up is - Bismarck. Some key items are big sapphire gem stone on my finger, living in a squarish castle, eating in an aristocrat style of long table with full set of spoons and forks with a man in military uniform with a smaller girl. The way I ate my meals was in a very formal style. I was eating a bowl of soup. I was with a girl, long red curly hair bout 10-12 years old at dining table.

The year was about 1700-1800s, the bed room has a big bed in wooden dark burgundy colour, wearing dark skirt with white long sleeve blouse, long dark brown reddish curly hair style, died of old age. My guess was either Scotland or between Austria and Germany - because of the name Bismarck.

There is one person I found very near to my description is Queen Marie of Romania (formally Princes Marie of Edinburgh) who owns a blue sapphire gem stone. She was born in Scotland and married to Ferdinand of Romania born in Germany. She believes in Bahai. Marie’s quite spiritual (Bahá'ís recognizes Queen Marie of Romania as the first Royal to have declared her belief in Bahá'u'lláh, the founder of the Bahá'í Faith)

Source: Wikipedia

I just remembered some other key items are - an old man portrait hanging on the wall, it was a painted bearded with mustache older fatter man in a military light blue greyish jacket. Then a scene of me sitting in a horse carriage, also in long darker skirt. The dressing is exactly like what I was wearing.

Below are some of the web links I found. Funny I have no feeling or interest on European history. But in this life, I have good table manners and I love rings, one of my ring is actually a Blue sapphire ring. 

The hairstyle and color is exactly like this:

Coincidentally both Marie and Bismarck names are related to Sapphire stones!

I totally have no ideas about big gemstones and these two people in this (current) life.

A brief analysis – I can guess is :- Queen Marie died in 1938 and Bismarck Sapphire was purchased in 1926 by an American Countess. Marie was in the US in 1920s (1926-1928) so she knew about Bismack stone too. Had Marie wanted the stone very much to be set as her ring too? And both had died before I was born.

** attached picture of King carol, he looks like the one i saw on potrait painting but fatter

** King Ferdinand - he looks like the one I had a meal with, together with a young lady. He is Marie's loveless husband.

 I hope I can see further during my next regression. That would be unbelievable, a European Princess/Queen reborn in Penang island !