Feedback & PLR experiences during Past Life Exploration Workshop (2 – 3 October 2010)

Below are the feedback and experiences of participants during our recent workshop in Penang.

“It was a good experience. I enjoyed the hypnosis.”

“Now only I know I can be regressed in full awareness.”

“What I have “seen” during the PLR session confirms my spiritual aspiration and my purpose in this life.”

“I had an ‘out of the box’ experience when the past life turns out beyond my expectations. It is inspiring sharing with a group.”

“It’s been interesting to be able to journey and access my past lives. Even though the regressions may not be so detailed as a one-to-one session, I do feel that certain emotions and feelings have been worked out and healed. Thank you.”

“I had more insights about facts regarding PLR and some new interesting experiences.”


PLR experience 1
I was in the forest, somewhere in Europe. It was warm. It was probably in south of Europe. I was a
Christian monk. I was white…with white grey hair, about 60 years old. The year was 200 years ago.

End of life: I died from disease. I was alone in a cold room, lying on a stone floor. I was outside the body, observing.

Current life connection: In this life, I’m not very attached to materialistic things, compared to other people around me and more interested in spirituality.

PLR experience 2
It’s noisy. Very hot, very dusty…. dessert place. I’m outdoors at the marketplace. Maybe it’s Syria. There are many houses / buildings made of yellow mud. I was a male, about 30 – 40 years old with black curly hair, shoulder length. I was around 5 feet 9 to 6 feet tall. I had a sturdy type of body. My eyes were blue in colour. I had a white beard. I was standing at the market, selling something. I’m wearing strap shoes.

Next scene: I was inside the house. It was a cavelike house. There’s no door. There are wooden table and wooden chair. Outside is a mud wall. The sun is very, very bright. There’s a woman in a red veil. She looks like a Persian lady - beautiful eyes. She had tanned skin.

End of life: I’m in the room, lying on the bed, in the cavelike house.

PLR experience 3
I’m in the jungle as a monk in India. It was quite a long time ago. I was with a group of monks. We were meditating. Before I became a monk, I used to be a rich guy. I used to make donations.
After I died, I left my body. I saw them burning my dead body.

Current life connection: I love to make donations and help people, especially people with disability.

PLR experience 4
I felt that I did not have a form. Even my consciousness was reduced to a dot. After that it was gone. I just see the skies and the nature. I was floating very fast. I had no form. I felt very light.

PLR experience 5
I was in a tribe. My skin was dark. I carried a spear. The very big tiger was attacking me. I had many followers. I was the leader. I’m wore only trousers. I killed the tiger with the spear.

I had a wife and a daughter. I saw my grandmother as my current parents. I recognised another tribe leader as my current life elder brother. That tribe leader hates me.

Death scene: I died because I was killed by that tribe leader. I was injured in the stomach. I died at the age of 40+. Many people attended my funeral. I saw my parents, my daughter and wife at my funeral.

Healing: I saw all lights. Lights were going into my stomach. There was a girl with the light, who sat in the middle,
transferring the light into my stomach. I felt powerful. I didn’t feel like leaving.

PLR experience 6
I was an Indian boy in my early twenties. There are many people carrying a chariot. It’s Lord Ganesh’s chariot. I’m at the Pasupathi Nath temple, in Kathmandu, Nepal looking at a corpse burning.

PLR experience 7
I was in the dessert….very harsh terrain…. Few bushes here and there. It was the place I grew up before I became a monk. I was ordained in the Tibetan tradition.

When I went back to an earlier time in that life, I saw myself as a little boy, very cheeky…. I lived in a big family.

PLR experience 8
I was a woman, standing in the street. I had been shopping. I carried shopping bags.

Death scene: I saw police. I’m dying. I’ve been run over by a car.

Current life connection: This explains why in this life, I can never have enough of shopping.

PLR experience 9
I’m a fisherman. I was very happy living by the seaside. It was 1932 in China. I had a good friend. I recognized him as my elder brother in this life.

Next life: I was a monk with a cave. I was together with a white tiger. We are vegetarians, even the tiger. I was in India.

End of life: When I died of old age, the tiger also died with me. Someone buried me, and I recognized him as my good friend in my current life. He held the funeral for me. All the villagers came out and attended the funeral. The body was burnt. Then they build some “memorial” for me.

PLR experience 10
I’m on a skyscraper in New York. I was a man, holding a coat and suitcase. I ran downstairs.

Next life: I was in London. I was walking the streets there….going shopping. I saw my family members there -- My wife and 2 kids. We took a flight to have a vacation. It was a happy and simple life.

Next life: I went to Venice. I was on a gondola. I couldn’t see my face, as I wore a hooded robe. I was a thief.
People kept chasing me in the alley below. I ran up the stairs to a church. I ran up the stairs…uUp to the roof outside. I jumped down. I fell and died. My consciousness left the body and I saw my body below me.

Next life: I was now in a boat as a woman, rowing to a tropical island. I had a big body. There’s a young man went to see me. I felt like he’s my husband. I was white. There’s a tribe living there. I was married to this man, who was part of the tribe. We were dancing around the campfire, just like anyone there. I was living there with them.

Next life: I was a woman went to India. I was taking care of my family. I was cooking, and had burnt my hands.

PLR experience 11
I saw cow grass. I was a Caucasian boy, somewhere near Germany or Austria.

Next scene: I was in the house. It was quite a good house. We were quite well off. There was no one there. There’s a feeling of emptiness and inertia. My parents in this life were part of that time. I saw myself being trapped, wooden shutters. I was trying to bang the shutters. Despite that, I did not feel any fear.

PLR experience 12
I was a tall lady, wearing a skirt and clogs on my feet. I look like a Dutch lady. I was quite tall. I was European. I saw the house I was staying in. I stayed in some sort of a hut. It’s probably somewhere in Europe, as the weather is not Asia.

Next scene: My husband was chopping wood. I also had a son.

Next scene: I was at the market. There are many people selling things.

Next scene: I was back in the hut. It was dark inside the hut. My husband and young son were there with me. We were eating. I have a strong feeling like I’m waiting for something. Basically, I was not happy. I felt like wasn’t really in control of my life. I am going through my life, doing what I’m supposed to do.

Important day: A group of soldiers came to my house and took my husband taking away. When they took him away, I felt that there was no control over my life. 

End of life: I died of old age. Just before I passed away, I felt like I was always waiting for something to happen. My regret from that lifetime was that I did not take action. Instead, I waited for something to happen, only then I took  action.

Understanding: In my current life, I sometimes feel like I’m not in control of my life. I hate being in that situation. I just go with whatever that comes, even though I’m not happy with it….when something happens only I take action.
So, I feel like I’m not in control of my life. I realized that I’ve got to take charge of my life. Hence, I need to do what I want to do in life, instead of waiting for things to happen before I do it.

Spirit world: There are several angels helping me to heal from the past life.