Past Life as a writer and learnings in the spirit world in between lives

Client’s feedback: “I am truly amazed with the effect after the session and how much it has impacted my life in a positive way, although I am still not too sure whether what I have gone through is really my past life or my imagination. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to the next session to find out my life’s purpose. Thank you.”

Below is her PLR experience:

I’m in a house….. When you come down, there’s a beach. The house is beside the beach.
I go to the beach. Water is very clear. There are waves….The sand feels really soft and cold…The temperature is cold and sunny. I’m on a tropical beach.

I hear birds, the sound of waves.

The sky is blue…, really blue. I’m facing the sea.

I’m in white. I’m female. About 23 years old….I’m white. My hair is blonde….long hair.
I live next to the beach.

Next scene
I’m in my house. It’s wooden. Just 3 rooms. Not many furniture in there. My partner lives with me. He looks young. Just a few years older, in short hair. He’s big sized and tall.

SC:       What do you and your partner do for a living?
Client:   We write books. Books about nature.

SC:       What is the name of your book that you have written?
Client:   “Beautiful sky”.

SC:       What is your name?
Client:   Marie Stine and my partner’s name is Roy Sterling

SC:       What’s your book “Beautiful sky” about?
Client:   It’s about philosophy. What human should be, while they are on this earth.

SC:       Tell me more about your writings:
Client:   Full of love….No killing…..Mother nature.

SC:       Where are you?
Client:   I’m in Austria…..I’m just writing. I use a pen and paper. I write about places that I”ve been to.

Next scene:
Client:   I’m in a market. Just buying things…. Looking around from stalls to stalls. Just buying and buying. I was looking at some cultural stuff. I’m in an area where there are not many whites and the people are something like natives. So I stand out over there because I’m a white. I’m alone.

I see a horse rider just pass by the market. Some officers a riding a horse. They just walk past. Not many of them. Their skin colour is the same colour as me.

Suddenly, I felt a strong force. When I looked to my left, a strong force just pushed me back. It is an accident. He shot on my left shoulder.

I’m on the floor. I’m outside my body. Floating out of my body.
People are coming towards me. I just see people.

SC:       What’s your last thought as you left that lifetime?
Client:   So many things in my mind – my partner….. where am I going?

I’m just flying up into the sky.

SC:       How do you feel now that you’re out of your body?
Client:   Happy….I’m just going upwards. I’m moving fast. Very fast.

SC:       Do you see anything on the way?
Client:   Just clouds.

Spirit world
I see many people. I don’t know them.

SC:       What are you standing on?
Client:   I’m not standing on anything.

SC:       How did they look like?
Client: They look like humans. They’re saying “Good job”…. I don’t know what is happening…..

SC:       Where are you?
Client:   They said, “Here?” “The best place that you can ever be”. That’s what they say.
I just walk through by myself and there are people around. There are no structures or buildings…. just open air. It’s just like welcoming me back. There’s many people. Everyone’s outdoors.

SC:       Are you happy about being back?
Client:   Yeah. This guy brings me to a place where it’s a stage. He’s showing me a video clip.
He’s trying to show me what I’ve done. I see the house again, by the beach. And he (my partner) is waiting.

SC:       He doesn’t know?
Client:   Yeah.

SC:       Are you able to communicate with him?
(Client starts sobbing.)
Client:   I just want to tell him that everything’s ok.

SC:       Why don’t you do that?
Client:   I drop a note from the sky….He picked it up. He went to the market.

SC:       What did you write on the note?
Client:   I told him “But I’m ok”…..And he just ran to the market. He saw me….and he just carried me. He cried….

And he says, “he’s ok.” He knows I’m alright. He says he’ll just carry on with what were both doing. He promised to live.

I tell him I’m in a safe place. I’ll wait for him.

I see him writing…. He’s writing.

Back in the spirit world:
SC:       Are you still watching the screen?
Client:   No. I’m with the Master. He’s guiding me. Telling me, explaining to me.

SC:       Tell me what he says.
Client:   He wants me to go back.

SC:       To earth?
Client:   Yeah.

SC:       What are you supposed to do in this lifetime? Is there a task assigned to you?
Client:   It’s not very clear to me. I see his face…White beard.

Q:         What is his name?
Client:   His name is Zum.

SC:       What’s his connection to you?
Client:   He’s my teacher. He’s bending down, holding my hands, telling me what to do.
He says, “I want you to go back there and help the earth”.

SC:       And how should you help the earth? In what way?
Client:   He’s pulling my hands away and said, follow me and brings me to a place.
He’s big size…..He’s pulling (leading) me to the video again. He says I don’t need to go far in order to help. He’s giving me the ability of a third eye. He’s pressing between my brows. He tells me “You will know what to do with it”.

I see myself swimming in the sea, when I look at the video screen.
I’m a baby, 3 or 4 years.

SC:       Is that you, in the current life?
Client:   I think so. He says water is a form of healing.

SC:       Did he say, “Why you got asthma as a baby?”
Client:   “It’s a test for your mother… It’s a test for your mother,” He said.  

SC:       Did she pass the test?
Client:   Yeah, she did. He says I have breathing difficulties, because a person can’t be perfect. I have sickness…. and I will learn to take care of myself, so that I’ll take up qigong classes, so that I’ll be closer to nature.

Client:   I have this image that I’m his daughter or something. He’s hugging me all the time.

SC:       How old are you in the image?
Client:   Very little. It’s like he’s so happy to see me. He’s carrying me all around.

SC:       Carried by this guide, the one who’s called Zum?
Client:   Yeah.

SC:       Has he shown you what you’re supposed to do in this life?
Client:   He says, “I want you to go help one person. He didn’t say who. He says, “You will know it when the time comes.”

SC:       Does he have any final message for you?
Client:   He said, ‘You’re doing great so far. Just continue to do what you’re doing”. He’s waving to me. He’s smiling and waving. He’s saying goodbye to me.