A lifetime in Canada

An expatriate wanted to find out his past life connection, and regressed back to Canada in the 1840’s.
I am outdoors. It is daytime. I see fields. I see the sky.
I’m standing on grass. I’m barefooted. I’m wearing jeans and a shirt.
I’m male, in my mid-thirties. I have long hair – brown colour. My shirt is chequered. My skin is white. I see trees in the distance.

Next scene:
I live in a loghouse. There are 2 rooms there. I live alone. There is basic furniture.
I’m in Canada. It’s 1840.
I have a farm. I have a land that’s filled with crops – corn. I work on it myself. I have 2 cows. I’m looking at my crops. It’s barely summer. It’s a sunny day. I’m alone there. No one around me.

Next scene:
I see war. Being invaded. It looks like natives – Indians. I’m escaping…. I’m hiding among the trees near my house.

My house is burned. I’m hiding in the tree – nothing I can do…. I feel angry…. I wait until nightfall. I come out of the tree… I leave on foot. My house was burnt down. I have nothing with me.

Q: How old are you?
A: I’m 51 years old.

Q: Did you ever get married?
A: No

I just run on foot. It’s just darkness. I’m running away.

Next scene:
I’m in town. I see people, horses, buildings. I go to the sheriff’s office… The sheriff doesn’t believe me. ….I leave his office. I have nothing. He didn’t help me.

I go to church…..I’m eating… They gave me food. There is a priest there. I told him what happened.

I need to sleep. The priest gives me a place for me to sleep inside the church…..
I’m sleeping……

Next day:
The priest gives me some more food. He tells me I have to see the sheriff. I tell him the sheriff didn’t believe me. He tells me to go back anyway. So, I go back. The sheriff tells me that they are at peace with the natives…..thus my story cannot be true. He asks me where my house is. I gave him a general direction. There is no address. It’s just a house on land.

We go by horseback. We find it. Everything is as I said….He still doesn’t believe it was the natives…..Everything is gone. My farm and my crops were burnt. I don’t know why they did this to me. My 2 cows are missing. We go back to town.

All I can do is to try and look forward. I stay in the church and the church gives me food to eat.

End of life
I’m in a hospital. I got sick. I had some kind of fever. I’m about 55 years old. There are other people on other beds around me. I’m lying on the bed.

Q: What’s going through your mind?
A: What I could have done differently

Q: What could you have done differently?
A: Got married. Stayed in the city.

Q: Did you managed to pull through, after your house got burnt down?
A: I worked in a store. It wasn’t very rewarding. 3 – 4 years later, I had this illness, this fever. My chest feels pain.

Q: Did you have any relatives?
A: No.

Q: Did anyone visit you?
A: Only the doctor.

I’m dying. The doctor pulls a sheet over me. I’m now out of my body.

Spirit realm
I see someone with white hair, white beard. He says, “I am your Father”. He puts his hands on my shoulder….. It feels warm…..on my left shoulder.

Current life connection
Being alone as a person. I don’t like to be alone. In that life, I made a choice to be alone.
I didn’t stay in the city. I had regret over the choices I made.

(Note: He found that the reason he felt uncomfortable being alone was related to his past life. When he chose to be alone in the past life, something bad happened, and in this life, he chose not to be alone as the script running at the back of his subconscious mind was something bad would happen if he was alone.)