War time

Client, an Indian national wanted to learn the connection with her family members. She also wanted to explore the cause of feeling deja vu when she visited Greece and Angkor Wat. She went to several lifetimes in one regression session. 

War time
I am outdoors. It’s a mountainous area. It is war time. People are just killing each other with spears and arrows. I’m wearing brown clothing and metal helmet. I’m wearing striped leather sandals. I have big fat toes. My clothes are very rough. Like animal hide. I’m a man. I’m going to die. I’m in a standing position. I don’t feel good. I’m injured at my back. I was stabbed with a dagger and left there. I didn’t see who stabbed me. People are fighting on horses. They are still fighting, still killing each other.

It’s a mountainous area. Barren. There’s sand on the ground and brown black rocks. There’s not much green. There are some tall grass. I’m 45 years old. I’m fighting. But I didn’t want to go. I think it’s a waste and now I’m going to die. I was reluctant to fight. I’m falling down on my knees. I feel that it’s been a waste. This war has been a waste and they are still continuing to kill. I’m very near to my death. I feel that it was a big mistake going to this war. I see the women crying. I don’t have a family. I have two or three tough looking friends. The women and children are still crying. They are dark skinned but we are fair skinned. I’m still in a bent position, knees on the ground.

They invaded us. They came on horseback. They looted the shops on the street. Robbing helpless people. The look like they are from some Arab country. They are all fair and bearded, with turbans.  I can see a man with beard, wearing a turban, on a white horse. The are others running across the street, dragging things out from the shops. I see not so well to do women, very dark skinned, with their kids, all crying.

Then I see myself, hunched down. The sand is hurting my knees and feet already because my knees are on the sand. The sand is hot. There’s a dagger stuck in my back. It’s a small one but it’s done it’s work. I’m hunched and my head is on the ground. I’m a very tough guy. Very tall, 6 feet 2 inches. Very broad. It’s coming to an end. It’s over. This life is over. War continues.

Leaving the body
I’m leaving the body. I feel like a part of me is pulling out of the body, a part of it is still inside. It’s coming out from the head, but part of me is still inside. It’s a brown white thing that’s coming out from my head. I feel myself pulling out from the forehead. But it’s not as easy. I feel it’s like a struggle. I feel mixed. Relief and regret. Relief that this thing that we don’t want is over and the pain is no more there. Regret because it was such a waste.

Transition to the spirit realm
I’m just going up. I can see from up here. I’m about 10 – 15 feet. I’m going up very fast. 
I can see planets. There’s a golden brown planet, as I’m moving up backwards. 
There are planets all around.  But they don’t seem big. I’m still moving backwards. There are many beings around me. I’m just moving and they’re just going about doing their things. 
They’re just brown and white in colour. There are so many of them. Some places there are a few, some places there are many. They are just going about doing their own things.

We have a funny shape. Our arms are look like petal shaped wings. The bottom part is jagged, shaped like fire or waves. I can see so many things. I see the planets. I see these small fellows running around. They’re just like me. I see this purplish blue planet. There is a green and blue planet in front, which is the earth.

Something seems to hit my back. There is a brown wall behind me that stopped me while I was going upwards and backwards. I’m against that wall now. It’s endless everywhere. Except for the wall behind me, after which there’s so many things at the back. The wall is just to hold me back, because I was receding (backwards). If someone pulls down the wall, I will keep going back some more.

So above me, below me and in front of me is like just going on and on. I can see the small turquoise blue and emerald green planet, which is planet earth. I can see a brown and yellow planet and I can see a purple and blue planet there. After that is infinite. After these 2 planets are also infinite. After the earth, the turquoise and the green planet is also infinite. So all around me is infinite. The earth looks small.

Taking rebirth
I’m sliding down. It’s like a funnel pulling me in. I’m still going down. It’s a nice feeling. I’m in somebody’s womb now. I’m 7 or 8 month. It feels nice in the womb. Now I’m kicking. I (My consciousness) came into the womb at the 7th month. 

She then went to a Lifetime in Germany