PLR workshop experiences 6

Experiences of some participants during our recent PLR workshop on 1 May 2010. 

Note: Some people view the past lives from a first-party point of view whereas others view it from a third-party point of view (as though watching a movie). 

An Indian lifetime 
“My past life that I saw just now is very much related to my preferences and emotions in my current life. I saw an Indian woman around 40+ years on the way to the river to wash her clothes. I saw a group of ladies doing the same thing. This woman was from a very poor family. Her house is empty. There was nothing in it. She was very poor. She was alone. I can sense her feeling of unhappiness and worry." 

Current life connection: “I also have this feeling in my current life -- for no reason. On and off, I would feel unhappy and I feel worry for something which I can’t identify and this is actually something I wanted to find the answer to. It also explains why I liked Indian culture. I don’t really like Chinese things (despite being a Chinese), but I like a lot of Indian culture. I find this is somehow related to my past life. I enjoy a lot of Indian things, even their curtains which some people find it too colourful, but I like it very much." 

A cowboy lifetime 
"I saw myself as a man, wearing a chequered shirt and brown pants. I was a cowboy, with rough body and tall. I was holding a gun. I was outdoors, but I couldn’t see anyone. There were many shoplots but no one was doing any business. I was standing in the streets and the streets were very empty. It was a dusty place. When you asked for a name, the name James Darwin popped into my mind." 

A very rich woman 
"I saw a lady waiting at the hotel lobby. It’s 17th century. She is waiting for someone. She is not so happy. She’s from the royal family. It was a very rich family. Later on, I saw a man. I recognised him as my female best friend in my current life." 

"At the death scene, I saw her lying down on the bed. She died at a very early age. Her body was laid on the second floor of her house and many people coming over to visit her." 

Lifetime in China 
"I found myself in an open field. There were wooden houses but very far apart. I saw a person riding a horse. In the next scene, I saw olden Chinese style inns. I was in there and observing. There were people there, and I could see their faces." 

"At the death scene, I saw dead bodies being carried out. It looked like some kind of sickness / plague and many people died and their bodies being carried out. After death, I floated up to the clouds. There was a long corridor, which was very beautiful. There were people in the side, but I couldn’t’ see who they were." 

A contented life 
"I went back to 1857. I was in a big house, with old antiques. Outside the house is a big flat garden. I was a little girl, around 15 – 18 years, with curly blonde hair. It was a very western setting. At the time of death, I lay dying alone in a big room. I think there was a maid nearby. My death was due to old age. It was quite peaceful. I feel that this is similar to my current life: I have all the things I need – there is nothing lacking."