PLR Experience - Possessive and suspicious wife

* All names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.

Kumar, an Indian national in his thirties wanted to find out why his wife is so possessive and suspicious of him and was contemplating divorce.

"I am standing on the top of a ship. I am wearing a white coloured shirt. I am using binoculars. There are workers around. They respect me. I am falling down on the ship floor. There is blood on my head. I am alone. 2 persons throw me into the sea."

Next scene:
"I am separated from my family. People are suffering. I have a wife and a daughter. They are suffering because I am not around. I am not living a good life."

Death state:
"I am in a tent. I have grey hair and dark skin. There is something I haven’t finished. I try to give something and talk to someone there. I am between 50 – 60 years old. I am not rich. There are people standing nearby. I see my son nearby. I am about to say something to someone but I couldn’t say it in time. I have died. There is a group of people in discussion."

"I see my 10 year old daughter, who loves me a lot, sitting alone. She is holding my photo in her hand. She’s committing suicide. She goes near to my photograph and pours fuel on her body. She died. I feel pity for her, but I couldn’t contact her. My wife is crying."

In the spirit realm in between lifetimes:
"I see a bright light. I can see my daughter there (in spirit form). I hug her."

Lessons learnt:
'To give things at the correct time, so that no one suffers after I’m dead. To keep better accounts."

Note: He felt that his daughter in the past life was his wife in the current life. She committed suicide because of her strong attachment to him. He had a better understanding why his wife is very attached and possessive of him in this life.

Testimony (1 year after his Past Life Regression)
"The past life regression helped me to be more accepting of my wife and I understand her better now. I'm still together with my wife and our 4 year old daughter" - Kumar