Connection with sister and vivid nightmares of being chased

A man in his mid thirties wanted to see the connection with his estranged sister. He also had vivid repeated nightmares of being chased and bashed up.

Lifetime as a male servant

I’m indoors. There is a wall on my left. There is a wall cabinet on the right. There is a dinner table. And a kitchen sink. It is an apartment. I’m in the hall. There are toys everywhere. I can see a TV and soft toys. There are 2 kids sitting on the floor playing.

There is a boy, 2 – 3 years old. Their toys are colourful. The child is wearing red, blue and white pants. He has big, round eyes. He has short, brown hair. The other one is a girl. It feels like I am taking care of the. I’m a male. I’m thin and have long hair. I have white shirt and black pants. The children are not afraid of me but they are not talking to me. It’s a cramped environment. It seems very Asian. It feels like Hong kong. The children look Chinese and fair skinned.

The master bedroom is to the right. There is a lady with long black hair, on my right. She is a tall lady. She’s wearing her working attire, walking into the bedroom. She’s getting ready for work. She feels a bit like my current life sister, but with a different look and different body. She’s combing her hair and putting on make up. She dresses up well, a professional, maybe.

The boy sitting quietly in front of the chair, it feels as if he’s retarded. He’s quiet.

There are antique shelves across the panel. It’s in the year 1960’s. The books are nicely arranged. They have Chinese characters on it. It’s a place where they studied a lot. The lady whom I recognize as my current life sister has a professional job. These are her children. I’m just taking care of them. She seems to be like someone’s mistress.

I’m dressed in old Chinese white shirt, and white pants. I’m there to work. I take a bicycle to work. It’s a black, old big wheeled bicycle. When my work ended, I go down the 20-storey apartment. There are other tall buildings around. The roads are narrow. I can see lamp posts. There are many bicycles on the road. I’m at the corner of the road.

When I was going home on my bicycle, I accidentally came across two groups of gangsters fighting with swords. I tried to run from that area. I was not involved, I was just passing by but I accidentally got killed. It looks like I was slashed with a knife on my back. I see my self on the ground. I lay down there dead. My head was turned to the right. Nobody bothered. I was just there. Nobody knows me. I’m a poor person. I was just thrown there. The fighting is over.

Last thought
Go home. Running away, just trying to run. Trying to get out to safety.

Lifetime as a monk
I feel like I’m a Buddhist monk, holding a bowl. I wear a yellow robe. I sit and meditate. I see a Buddha image. There are other people around me. I’m in a temple. It’s a secluded place, near the jungle. It’s very peaceful. It feels like I’ve done a big mistake, then ordained as a monk. There are steps going up to the big Buddha image. I’m doing breathing meditation. I’m dark skinned. I am bald. I am thin. It feels like Thailand. The image of the Buddha is the Thai type.

It feels as if I‘ve done a lot of cheating in business. I promised “A items” but give “B items”. I felt wrong. I gave up everything and run away and become a monk.

In both lifetimes, I was alone, like I did not have a family. I’m always alone. I feel like I don’t know my past. I’m always there alone. It feels empty being alone. I’m in search of something. I’m always born difficult and struggled. I work my way up. In my previous lifetime, I led a normal life, difficult one and lowly paid. My sister in that lifetime – I feel like I’ve been working under her. I led a simple good life.