Past life connection with a close friend

A lady wanted to access a lifetime when she had a connection with a close friend. She went to a lifetime in Germany.

“I see a modern type of kitchen setting. There is also an open kitchen. I am living not far away from this house. The place is decorated in an English style. It looks like an English house, a cosy bungalow. It is quite modern looking. My name is Maria. I live in Germany. I am a caucasion, with fair, brown, curly hair. I am wearing a headscarf. I have brown eyes. I am around 5 feet 5 inches tall”

Next scene:
“I am playing in the playground with a child. We are outside the house. The child is on a bicycle. He is a boy around 2 – 3 years old.”

Next scene:
“I am now in the kitchen. There is an open space and glass doors between the house and garden.”

“My purpose in this life is to serve as best as I can and to fulfill my masters requirements or expectations. I don’t think I’m happy. I have a heavy heart. I have to fulfil my responsibility. I don’t want to serve. I want to do something else. I would like to do more service in general.”

Next scene:
“I am serving my master tea. He has brown hair with a dark brownish – black moustache. He is dressed in an old English suit, wearing a brown vest with a chequered design. His trousers are ¾ in length. He is wearing boots. He is sitting down in a big chair.”

“ I feel quite at ease with him. It feels very light. I respect my master.”
 (She recognised him as her close friend this life).

Death stage
“I am lying down in a coffin, still wearing the servant’s dress. My death was because I had fallen down from a pile of rocks in the housing estate, while searching for something. I see my master and the child at the funeral.”  

Note: In some cases, after death, although the consciousness has left the body, it is sometimes still hanging around and observing the funeral.