PLR Process

The Process
Before the regression starts, we will discuss your goal or what you would like the session to help you with. In a safe and relaxed environment, and through guided imagery and self hypnosis, you will be guided to a past lifetime that is connected to your goal. You will go through the various incidents in that lifetime in relation to your goal. After experiencing that lifetime, you will be led to a place in between lifetimes for healing where you will experience healing, gain understanding and make connections between your current life and your goal. After that, you will be guided to integrate your learning experiences, insights or skills into the present life.

What will I experience?
To benefit from this therapy, you have to let the images, feelings, thoughts and sensations come up during the regressions. You will be fully aware and in full control of yourself at all times. You may feel like you are the person in a past life. You could sense that you are a man or woman, young or old. You may also see images in your mind – like watching a movie of your own past life. Some people receive other sensory sensations such as odours, sounds, tastes and sensing of temperature changes. The sensations you receive may be quite subtle or very vivid. You may also re-experience feelings in that particular life.
You might find that your pre-conceptions, ideas and roles you have accepted for yourself begin to loosen and dissolve. Each time you make a connection to a past life you learn new information about yourself. You become aware that you, as a being, are much more greater than you previously thought.